1. fi-nelson:

    you know what i want? mmfd bloopers. all of em


  2. captain-elliott:

    Excuse me while I marry Finn from My Mad Fat Diary


  3. wewanttobealive:

    "I want somebody to love me as much as Finn loves Rae. Like everything is alright, nothing else matter, she’s the most perfect girl in the world and he never wanna leave her."


  4. parsleybabe:

    When trying to find out more about whether there might be a 3rd season of My Mad Fat Diary, I read the show’s imdb page.

    It doesn’t have a lot of info, but it actually says that the character of Finn was made up for the show whereas the rest of them are all based on the book (and thus the actual…


  5. just-an-earth-bound-biscuit:

    every time i finish an episode of mad fat diary i have an inner monologue in rae’s voice for the rest of the day



  7. I just finished my mad fat diary


    And I’m dead.

    (Source: hudsonelson)


  8. pirateprincess714:

    me watching My Mad Fat Diary.



    Finn came back!





  9. Everyone’s crazy. Everyone has to struggle and fight. They just haven’t realized it yet. At least you have.
    — Finn, MMFD  (via narryabs)

  10. wordsaremysanctuary:

    If there isn’t a season 3 of My Mad Fat Diary, I will set the internet on fire. 


  11. mirallegrae:

    now that i know finn knew all along that archie was gay i live in an alternate universe where finn met with archie before his “date” with rae and threatened him and made him not go bc he loved rae from day one and didnt want her getting hurt just for the sake of archies reputation and finn wanted to be the one to tell her just so he’d have an excuse to talk to her and be a hero bye


  12. wildwilde:

    dear diary,

    i love finn nelson so much it physically pains me that he’s a fictional character.


  13. jackharrius:

    I want a Finn Nelson in my life where can I get one?


  14. ynitsedminaj:

    I literally have no idea what chop is saying 99.99% of the time. 


  15. letsgetitonandon:

    My mum warned me about drugs and strangers but she didn’t warn me about falling in love with fictional characters